Head and Neck Cancer Patients: Top 5 Items to Wear

1. Sunscreen and a sun hat with SUV protection. Here are some of Oprah’s stylish sun protection suggestions.

Oprah Magazine: Best Sun Hats

2. Scarves! There are various ways to tie them loosely to protect a tracheotomy and adjacent neck skin as it heals, as well as to cover scars until you are comfortable wearing them with pride.

Hello Glow: How to Tie a Scarf

3. Glasses. Even if you do not need prescription eyewear. I missed establishing eye contact after my surgery. Often, people who saw me stared at my scars and never at my eyes. When I was well enough to interview for a job, I read an article that individuals who wore glasses made better eye contact. I did not cover my neck or chin scars, nor do I now, but I gave it a go!



4. While recovering from surgery, button-up blouses, cardigans, zip-up sweatshirts and comfortable pants that are easy to put on and take off. When you have healed enjoy wearing your favorite items in your closet again! One company that makes great adaptive styles is Reboundwear.

5. Carry a parasol or sun-protective umbrella for extra protection. Chemotherapy and radiation makes skin ultra-sun sensitive. This travel umbrella by Coolibar slips easily into a purse or tote.

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