The process of grieving

The process of grieving can be tremendously difficult. I have had beloved family and friends die of cancer and it is heartbreaking. 

 It is important that you allow yourself the time to grieve. My friend’s daughter died of cancer. She shared with me recently that grieving for her has been like a tsunami of emotions daily. I think this is the perfect way to articulate the grieving process. It comes in waves and at times can feel overwhelming and all-encompassing. 

 A few tips that I have been taught over the years are:

1)    Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself the time to let it out.

2)    Journal your feelings, turn on music and if needed scream and cry and/or call someone you trust. 

3)    Make sure to take care of your physical health by walking, meditating, yoga, or running.

4)    Pay attention to any grief triggers and communicate openly with someone you love.

5)    It is a process. Some days will be easier than others. Be easy on yourself and do not rush the process.

6)    Create a journal of memories, personal reflections, and new realizations along the way.

7)    Grieve in your own way. What might have worked for someone else might not be appropriate for your personal needs.

8)    Community of support both online and in person. Be sure to reach out for extra support. You are not alone. 

9)   Honoring your loved one by creating a space in your yard with a bench or garden, hang a treasured photo, keep something of theirs with you daily, contribute to a charity in their honor and/or start a new tradition.  

10)  The saying” time heals all wounds” might not be completely accurate, though with time a new normal begins. Support, time, and courage to honestly process your loss contributes to the healing process.