Linda Michaud


Linda is a wife of 39 years, a mother to two wonderful daughters and a recent grandmother to her beloved grandson as well as a loving sister and friend to many. Professionally, she is recently retired having worked as a Clinical Social Worker for 35 years at Catholic Charities. As a therapist, Linda counseled countless children, adults and families struggling with mental health issues, grief and loss, life stressors and traumatic experiences. Her life’s work was to support, encourage and guide those struggling with empathy and respect. Linda is also a 19 year breast cancer survivor herself, unfortunately having been re-diagnosed this past year. She has been involved in various cancer support groups throughout the years including The Breast Cancer Survival Center and a personal support group for those suffering with cancer that has been providing compassionate care for over 20 years. Linda is an icon to everyone who knows her because of her unwavering grace, strength, compassion, wisdom, and love.