Free HNC Support Group

Free HNC Support Group

What: A Free HNC Fund Support Group. The group is facilitated by Alyssa Fischer-Reeder
and is supported by a licensed therapist and nutritionist. 

When: The first Tuesday of EVERY month. 7 PM (EST) for 60 Minutes

Where: Online Zoom Meeting

Who: HNC patients and survivors throughout the country are welcome to join. 

How to join: Email for a private Zoom link. 

Why: “Being diagnosed with any cancer is dreadful. However, HNC diagnoses, surgeries, post-operative treatments, and creating “new normals“ navigating life-altering physical changes are all very complex issues. My hope by hosting this new confidential and supportive forum will allow HNC guests to share their experiences, ask questions, and gain insights and knowledge to better support their unique HNC journey. The goal is to remind both HNC patients and survivors that they are not alone and not to lose hope.”
Alyssa Fischer-Reeder