We believe in creating high-impact funding. Our goal is to raise $100,000 dollars annually for every HNC Fund Patient of the Year. The HNC Fund will distribute at least 80% of all funds raised to the current Patient of the Year. The remaining balance will be utilized to cover overhead and administrative expenses to ensure fund sustainability. All funds raised in any calendar year exceeding the target amount will be held in reserve for distribution to the next succeeding Patient of the Year.

High impact funding equals long-term support. We realize that the cost of cancer doesn’t stop at the hospital doors. Once our HNC patients of the year move on, we hope that they will continue to benefit and or recover from a multitude of “hidden costs”.  These expenses can include Transportation and Travel, Child care costs, Loss of Income, Doctor appointment Co-Pays, medications, caregiving at-home care, long-term care, employment, legal and financial issues, and let’s not forget cancer treatment. (cancer.net)