Patrick’s Bio

Patrick Malvaso


Personally initiated a $200 million project and member of leadership program management team to build a Basilica (seating 10,000 people), apartments, a mall, World Trade Center and hotel in the Congo, Africa.
Member of the Board of Directors for an Information Technology company and a Non-Profit African Organization. Consultant and mentor for a member of Congress of the Congo, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Deputy Attorney General of Thailand, and a host of others. Has extensive work experience at the highest levels within the Department of State, Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, US Treasury, and small business companies.

Received National Awards for initiating/leading special Equal Employment Opportunity Programs for women, expertise/accomplishments as an Agent to the US Treasury for controlling the accounting, disbursing & financial management of billions of dollars, and consolidating accounts receivable within the Department of Defense.

Initiated and executed the debt forgiveness program for 162,000 military deployed during Desert Shield/Desert/Storm, the consolidation of DOD disbursing offices from 300 to 26 locations, the DOD travel card program, and electronic funds transfer program.

Initiated and Co-Chaired local parish fundraisers for $2.1 and $4.2 million to double the size of the Catholic Grammar school, rebuild an 1800 church building and support key plans for the diocese. Spearheading a $100 million effort to build a Basilica in the Congo for Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, Cardinal, Archbishop, the Archdiocese of Kinshasa.