Talking with Children about Cancer

As the mom of two children, I have found open and honest communication is paramount in building a trusting and loving bond. My husband and I agree to always explain things in an age-appropriate manner to ensure our children are always part of our daily conversations, as well as always feel heard.

Nutritional Tips for HNC Patients & Survivors

Although I am not a dietician, the following is what has worked for me over the last 11 months on a predominantly liquid diet and most recently on a soft food diet. I am a pescatarian therefore the following reflects my most recent favorite meals.

A Hopefull Perspective

After you lose more than half of your tongue, much of the upper pallet on the roof of your mouth, and experience life after all things Head Neck Cancer my reality is very different than most.

Interview with Dr. Arthur Rosenberg

Recently, I interviewed Doctor Arthur Rosenberg, now retired, but previously a certified Hematologist engaged in practice in Greenwich, CT. He was one of the leading chemotherapists in CT and known around the country for his unique and effective treatment plans.

HNC at Glance

In the US, a new head and neck cancer case is diagnosed every 10 minutes and a person dies from this disease every 45 minutes