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The Hopeful Fight 

Generally, the early twenties are spent interviewing for your first big job after graduating university, dating, traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, exploring new passions, and accomplishing new goals. It’s a special and transformative time in life. Though for Luis it has been a different experience.

Nutritional Tips for HNC Patients & Survivors

Although I am not a dietician, the following is what has worked for me over the last 11 months on a predominantly liquid diet and most recently on a soft food diet. I am a pescatarian therefore the following reflects my most recent favorite meals.

A Hopefull Perspective

After you lose more than half of your tongue, much of the upper pallet on the roof of your mouth, and experience life after all things Head Neck Cancer my reality is very different than most.

Top 10 Beauty Suggestions:

Conscientiously maintain a balanced diet. If you are unable to eat solid foods be certain to rely on a certified nutritionist to establish a daily regimen of liquid vitamins, protein shakes, green juices, and fruit smoothies.